Space Maintainers in Saskatoon

Space maintainers are dental appliances that help keep space for permanent teeth in the mouth when baby or primary teeth are lost too early. They can be made of metal or plastic and custom-made to fit your child’s mouth.

At Willowgreen Dental, we offer space maintainers to our young patients in Saskatoon. Our skilled dental professionals will help you decide the right space maintainer for your child based on their needs. Our dental office is designed to provide a positive dental experience for every patient.

When Are Space Maintainers Needed?

Pediatric dentists usually prescribe space maintainers under several circumstances:

Premature Loss of Baby Teeth

If a baby tooth is lost too early due to decay, injury or disease before the permanent tooth is ready to erupt, a space maintainer may be necessary to prevent other teeth from moving into the space.

Delayed Eruption of Permanent Teeth

Your child can benefit from a space retainer if their permanent tooth is taking longer than normal to come in after the baby tooth has fallen out. The device can keep the space open.

Missing Permanent Teeth

In some cases, a child might be born without certain permanent teeth. A space maintainer can help manage the space for future orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic Treatment

Space maintainers can also be used as part of an orthodontic treatment plan to manage space for unerupted teeth.

It’s important to note that not all cases of premature tooth loss require a space maintainer. The decision is typically based on several factors, including the child’s age, which tooth was lost and how soon the permanent tooth is expected to come in. Regular dental check-ups are crucial to monitor the need for these oral appliances.

Types of Space Maintainers

Different types of space maintainers are available, and the type used will depend on the child’s needs.
Some common types include:

Removable Space Maintainers

These are similar to orthodontic appliances and can be taken out for cleaning or eating. They are often used when the space left by a lost tooth is noticeable when the child smiles or talks.

Fixed Space Maintainers

These are cemented onto the teeth on either side of the empty space and can't be removed by the child. There are several types of fixed space maintainers:

  • Band-and-Loop Maintainer. This is the most common type. It consists of a stainless steel wire (loop) held in place by a band wrapped around an adjacent tooth. The loop extends into the space where the tooth is missing, keeping it open.
  • Crown-and-Loop Maintainer. Similar to the band-and-loop, a crown is placed over the adjacent tooth instead of a band for greater strength.
  • Distal Shoe Appliance. This is used when a baby molar is lost prematurely and the permanent one hasn’t begun to erupt. It involves a metal projection inserted under the gum line to keep the space from closing.
  • Lingual Holding Arch. This is used when back teeth are lost on both sides of the lower jaw. A wire is attached to the teeth’s inside (lingual side) on both sides of the mouth.
  • Transpalatal Arch (TPA) Maintainer. Used in the upper jaw when teeth on both sides of the mouth are missing. A wire is connected to the teeth on both sides of the mouth and across the palate.
  • Nance Appliance. This is similar to the TPA but includes an acrylic pad that rests against the upper palate to distribute force better and provide stability.

Our dentists will determine the type of space maintainer your child needs, depending on the number of teeth lost, the location of the gap, your child’s age and their ability to maintain good oral hygiene.

Get Space Maintainers for Your Child at Willowgreen Dental

At Willowgreen Dental, we understand the importance of space maintenance for your child’s permanent teeth. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality dental care for children in Saskatoon.

If you think your child may need a space maintainer or have any concerns about their dental health, schedule a dental appointment with us today. We will assess their individual needs and determine the best course of treatment to ensure a healthy and beautiful smile!

Space Maintainers

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