A Healthy Mouth is more than just a great smile: First Dental Visit by age One

cropped-logo.jpgThe Canadian Dental Association encourages good oral health by recommending that all children find a “dental home” by age one. The goal is to minimize a child’s risk of developing dental decay by encouraging good habits at an early age, such as daily brushing and healthy food choices. Children can also benefit from proven preventative techniques such as topical fluoride applications, sealants, and community water fluoridation.

A healthy mouth is more than just a great smile. There are proven connections between oral health and systemic (whole body) health so caring for one’s teeth also results in better overall physical health.

The Canadian Institute for Health reports that 1/3 of all day surgeries performed on kids ages 1-5 are due to early childhood decay. Bringing your children in by age 1 gets them started on the road to optimal dental health!