The kids are back in school! Sports are the next thing to start; registration and purchasing of equipment . One of the most important  pieces of equipment that our young athletes require is a sports guard.  Sports guards are generally recommended for contact sports, but a sport like skate boarding is also a good activity to wear a sports guard for. Athlete are more likely to sustain injuries  when they are not wearing a sports guard; such injuries as broken teeth or concussions. A sports guard is designed to help cushion the force of a blow to the jaw/face and it can greatly decrease the incidence and severity of concussions. Concussions can occur when your the lower jaw, is not forced back into the base of the skull, and harmful forces are not transmitted to the brain. Blows to other regions of the head should be protected from a properly fitting helmet.

Mouth guards or Sports guards as they are often referred to, are a piece of soft plastic that is fitted over the teeth and provides maximum impact protection to protect

against tooth damage and helps to protect against concussions. Custom – made  mouth guards are less “bulky” allowing for  increased oxygen intake, they have a  secure fit that feels more natural, can be custom fitted to any size mouth, and they come in numerous color options.

Our office can make a custom-made sports guards in the office. It is simple: first we do an impression of your teeth. After that the office makes the guard; it is generally made the same day or within the week. When your guard is ready the office will call you to pick it up, and it is ready to use!

Most insurances do cover this as a preventative expense, but they are inexpensive if your insurance does not have coverage. Please ask us if you would like more information or to have a sports guard made for someone in your family.